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The video game industry has been changing and developing with the idea of digital worlds for decades. Now, in the world of Metaverse, with gaming, brands can design creative and experiences, players can have fun with different perceptions, and content providers can create a community special to this world.

At this point, players could use virtual materials to build items that avatars expanding the metaverse's metaphor for real life. In these days, the metaverse game worlds act as social experiences. Rather than being a part of our life, the Metaverse is a view that runs parallel to it, even digitally and really, that can feed and complement each other correctly. And gaming culture is strengthened by this look and creativity.

While Metaverse operates on the decentralized Web3 technology, brands will be able to reach users through NFT collaborations through a user-specific experience. At this point, they will use all kinds of creative opportunities to be successful in the brands' campaigns. They will need to use all kinds of creativity. In Metaverse, gaming will make data storage to the facto portal in the brands section.

This will include having creators refer brands to the metadata store on their own terms.

Today, many brands and companies are joining forces to provide users with a unique gaming experience in this special metaverse world by investing and collaborating. With the gaming experience, users step into a different world, produce content and build a community.

In this way, it is predicted that brands can be included in the game world by organizing various campaigns according to this movement.


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