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NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world occurrences of creative industries such as art, music or games. The NFT Collection is a selection of NFT artifacts prepared with a specific content or a selection of different artifacts. Each of the NFT works are digital formations with different characteristics.

One of the main reasons why NFTs are important for a brand today is that they can use the digital representation of any art, video, audio or visual content in this creative field they want to focus on.

Today, Metaverse offers exciting opportunities to brands. However, brands will want to be positioned by developing an extremely accurate strategy in this new digital world.

It is possible for the brand to reach its customers and target audience with the same success, if the brand acts with the right choices in NFT collection preferences, just as it does in the physical world.

In this respect, having an NFT collection can also be seen as the digital reflection of the brands' stance in the creative sector, and reaching a brand new audience by strategically positioning in a new world with unique formations.

Currently, many brands around the world have taken action to create a special selection of NFT works exists. And it seems to increase, day by day.


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