Web3 is known all over the world as a creation that allows content producers to tell stories in multimedia through NFTs with many of its features. Due to the rapid rise of Web 3, NFT artists and creators are using the possibilities of the same platform. In this regard, NFTs provide community storytelling without aesthetic or artistic concern.

From another perspective, games and interactive media combine with traditional storytelling, allowing users to create their own stories and content on Metaverse. While storytelling has certain definitions in itself today, these definitions are added in a digital formation.

First, it is important to have a good story and to support it with transformative concepts. This is where NFT’s come into play and quickly take their place in the Metaverse and gaming world. Now artists can support their NFT’s with different stories contents and turn them into animation, 3D concept and video.

Today, brands have started to describe their products and ideas with this concept and create characters. We will start to feel the power of storytelling on the game side in Metaverse much more.

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