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We specialize in digital art, branding, exhibition design, 3D Motion, music and sound design projects. We are creating stunning and immersive experiences using the latest technology and techniques. Our specialties include:


Exhibition Design 

We design and create exhibitions and installations that are designed to engage visitors and create a lasting impression. We work with museums, galleries, and other institutions to create custom solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Video Mapping

We use advanced video mapping techniques to project high-resolution visuals onto buildings, sculptures, and other structures. This creates a unique and dynamic visual experience that can be tailored to any event or occasion.

3D Motion Design

Our team of talented motion designers creates dynamic and engaging 3D animations that can be used in a variety of applications, including video mapping, advertising, and product demonstrations.

Immersive Design

We create immersive environments that transport the viewer to another world. We work with the latest technologies, such as VR and AR, to create truly immersive experiences that engage all of the senses.

NFT Projects

We create and mint Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and we help artists and creatives to monetize their digital art using blockchain technology.

Design Driven Artificial Intelligence

We are at the forefront of the field of artificial intelligence and are able to integrate it into our projects to create truly stunning images and experiences.


ArsSonic offers comprehensive branding solutions that enable brands to differentiate themselves with innovative and creative special brand identities, connect with their audience on a deeper level, and drive growth and success.

UI/UX Design

ArsSonic presents where we specialize in delivering the best UI/UX design solutions tailored for brands. Our team of experienced designers produces user-friendly interfaces with creative and unique designs that develop interactive brand experiences with the target audience on digital platforms.

Music & Sound Design

Music and sound design are creative specialties that involve using sound and music to enhance the emotional impact and narrative of various media, such as films, video games, and other forms of interactive media. Music involves the composition and performance of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, while sound design involves creating and manipulating sounds to evoke a certain mood or feelings.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are passionate about digital art and are dedicated to creating the best possible experience. Let's explore the world of digital art together with ArsSonic!

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