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ArsSonic Digital Artwork
Digital Artificial Intelligence Artwork


Growth involves going back and forth through experiences as well as rapid progress. In each cycle of this movement, the system passes through each other many times in its own field, undergoes a metamorphosis with a unique balance and continues on the way.

Digital Artificial Intelligence Artwork


Audiovisual NFT Artwork which consist of sound design and visuals that produces with codes. 


Layers is an audiovisual artwork that tries to experience the layers of codes. One piece of code that written works in harmony. They all come together to accomplish a task.


Touch is a digital audiovisual artwork that tries to experience the audience the feeling of the first contact between humans and algorithms. All we experience new emerging technology and a new contact with artificial intelligence.

We are still searching for new ways to interact with AI. Also, this is just the beginning.

The artwork produced by a code-based program and contains electronic music to represent this first meet. Produced with all in digital format.

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