NFT, -non-fungible token- in English, is a data storage unit used to express the uniqueness and irreplaceability of an asset represented in digital genres such as photography, video, audio. Since NFTs are not interchangeable, they can also be defined as the form of ownership in the digital world.

In these days, many brands have already taken notice of the this massive potential behind NFT’s. Brands can increase awareness by developing a marketing and advertising strategy through NFT. They can make special campaigns for target groups with custom products.

NFT is envisaged as a new channel for companies that will enable them to reach their target audiences with a different start in the developing digital platform. Currently, many global and local brands have started to take an action in this world.

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Web3 is known all over the world as a creation that allows content producers to tell stories in multimedia through NFTs with many of its features. Due to the rapid rise of Web 3, NFT artists and creat