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The Power of Storytelling

Artwork by Pawel Czerwinsk

Stories are written and transmitted to convey traditions and values for centuries.

Values multiply, develop and find their audience as they are told. For a brand,

storytelling is one of the most ideal ways to express its values and originality,

precisely for this reason.

In this way, brands position the characteristics they want to explain and emphasize

on basic values, enabling consumers to interact with them.

At the heart of this interaction lies the loyalty between the individual and the brand.

The stronger the brand is in storytelling, the deeper this loyalty it gets.

Today, it is seen that individuals have been keeping their communication with

brands for many years that choose to tell their stories with a simple, clear and

attentive language.

The way the story is told is as important as the power of storytelling. With the

developing technology and the digital world, the most memorable are most

different ones of what we see and hear.nFor this reason, digital tools and media that individuals use and encounter in their daily lives can be considered among the most important tools in storytelling. The basis of the story, first of all, passes through this memory. The selectivity of perception begins precisely from this point.

At the latest point where technology has come today, it seems extremely possible

to diversify the digital media in which brands tell their stories.

We have attractive alternatives such as reading and listening to the power of a

brand's story on a social media platform, feeling it in a different work in a digital art

exhibition, or even noticing it in front of us in an unexpected place on our walking


The fact that the visual, the sound or even the interaction in the combination of

both of them in the brand's story is extremely powerful with these tools is an

expected point in the world today.

We know that these and other points containing such details will increase with the

expansion of the boundaries of creativity in the digital world and will inspire very

different stories.

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